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Needle Felted Miniature Faux Taxidermy

About Bumble & Earwig

Bumble & Earwig is the felting psueudonym of artist Laura Cronin, though my husband Matt, is often mistaken for being the earwig!


Bumble & Earwig create needle-felted faux taxidermy. From wild animal trophy brooches and rabbit necklaces, to larger pieces such as display domes and dioramas.  


All pieces are made individually through the process of needle-felting, so are completley unique, no two pieces are ever quite the same.

Any animal can be requested and bespoke pet portrait orders can be comissioned.


Needle-felting is a laborious process, which uses only one material and one tool. A special felting needle, with barbs along the edges, is used to poke wool roving. The wool fibres catch in the barbs and are knotted with the surrounding fibres. More wool roving can be added in this way to build up the shape. Creating each animal takes hours and can mean stabbing at the fibres thousands of times.

Laura Cronin, creator of Bumble & Earwig, wearing a hat adorned with a needle-felted stoat. Her husband Matthew Panayides wears a felt bow tie, with miniature fox head and a matching jumping fox pin.